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Legacy Records NYC

Legacy Records - Carrying on the Legacy
July 11, 2018
By , Founder

Why we like it: Even if it didn’t serve one bite of food, we’d still love it for its retro, sleek décor, great vibe, and staff that’s seen many rodeos. We’d even say its deco interior is one of the most beautiful restaurants to hit NYC this year; designer Ken Fulk has a way with space and isn’t afraid to use color. Its location is currently considered the middle of nowhere, but it may very well become Manhattan’s new Midtown in a decade or so. And while we’d come here just to sit at the bar for a drink – because Legacy Records is the product of masterminds Charlie Bird and Pasquale Jones – the food is reason enough to make Hudson Yards a destination.  

What to order: The menu is modern Italian; we loved the crudo tasting so much that our table of four ordered it twice. Razor clams are subtly flavored with tarragon, Spanish pepper, and saffron, and diver scallops are rendered even creamier with a dollop of yogurt. Asparagus is given an extra oomph with cured egg, and the branzino with Amalfi lemon had us thinking of dinner at Le Sirenuse. Like its sister restaurants, there’s rarely a miss on the menu.