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Best Sushi NYC

The NYC Sushi Go-To: Sugarfish
October 18, 2017

Why we like it: We thought we had good sushi in NYC, until Sugarfish arrived and set a whole new standard.  The LA transplant will quickly, if it already hasn’t, firmly establish itself on your regular rotation of restaurants.  The food here is clean and honest.  The formula for simple fish from yellowtail to tuna, is to combine the freshest of daily catch that can withstand the scrutiny of the warm rice beneath it.  The menu showcases traditional Japanese roll and sushi preparation, so don’t espect shrimp tempura rolls or California anything;.  Do expect the freshest salmon in all of NYC, large scallop sushi and handrolls with perfectly crisp seaweed.  Sugarfish does not take reservations, so come for the early bird special or as soon as you get out  work, as they have been known to cut off the wait list by 7:30 or 8pm.  Once you sit though, they don’t rush you through  your meal.  You are encouraged to order, enjoy and converse until you roll out around $40-$50 later.  No, the price isn’t a typo; this is one of the best value meals in town where the quality far exceeds the pricing. 

What to order:  The salmon is exceptional, as is the large scallop when it is available.  The omakase at around $40 is generous and encompasses almost everything except for lobster on the menu.  Whether you go a la carte or chef’s choice, plan to order an extra crab hand roll or two.