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Best Steakhouse NYC

4 Charles Prime Rib - In the Prime
December 6, 2017
By , Writer & Editor

4 Charles Prime Rib

Why we like it:  From the famed team behind Chicago's Au Cheval, which is famous for serving the best burger in the Midwest, 4 Charles Prime Rib is a perfect West Village gem that brings back the classic NYC underground steakhouse.  Located on the ground floor of an old townhouse, it seems non-descript until you enter the cozy, dimly lit dining room of twenty tables or so. Perfect for late-night dining, 4 Charles Prime Rib hits its sweet spot between 10 PM and the early hours of the morning, but you can also come for the Early Bird Special. There is no bar – you can only make dinner reservations – but their cocktails are reason enough to swing on by. We went old school with martinis served straight up but also recommend their killer cognac Old Fashioneds and Manhattans. Best of all – although it's nearly impossible to make dinner reservations unless you book well in advance, 4 Charles doesn't try to be too cool for school. Expect warm service, superlative food, and an effortlessly downtown vibe.

What to order: The prime rib, naturally. The menu showcases three to four preparations that are roasted for over twelve hours and so juicy that you don't need a knife to eat them. Also, true to their Chicago roots, their burger is excellent. Pescetarians should try the crab cakes and the Dover sole, which is large enough for two to share.