• Saturday, November 28, 2020

Best NYC Champagne Bars

The Riddler - Your Neighborhood Champagne & Oyster Bar has Arrived
February 5, 2020
By , Writer

Good for: Date nights, special occasions, catching up with a small group of friends, and small group dinners on any night of the week.

Atmosphere: Picture Gatsby flirting with an iconic emancipated woman of the Sixties. The Riddler is a small and inviting champagnerie with a feminine touch. The decor is French opulence, vintage chic, mainly black and white, with an impressive all-gold-leaved ceiling. You can still hear your friends’ latest stories, but the vibe is definitely lively and not boring. It’s a place to splurge and indulge.

Why we like it: The second location of this San Francisco staple brings luxury to the West Village. It definitely has some je-ne-sais-quoi and doesn’t take itself too seriously. The Riddler is backed by an all-female investor group and a management team of nearly all women -- a breath of fresh air to the NYC bar and restaurant scene that’s dominated by men. To that, we’ll raise our glass.

What to order: Champagne, of course. Make that a bottle. They offer 100+ champagnes and sparkling wines, and a short selection of wine by the glass. Feeling fancy? The Riddler’s got you covered. Pair your champagne with King crab and almonds, Kaluga caviar served with Lays chips and crème fraiche, and white truffle risotto. Portions are on the small side, so you may want to order a few things. If you have a big appetite, try the excellent Riddler burger with rosemary fries, which is more fulfilling than most dishes here. Even if you don’t want the burger, go off-menu and order those fries.