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Best Korean NYC

Cote: Butcher’s Feast
November 28, 2018
By , Food Features Writer + Copyeditor

Good for: Groups of friends, especially foodie friends

Atmosphere: Lively and trendy. A reservation here is coveted, so the sleek, black and marble dining room is full of very pleased foodies in their downtown best. The bar scene is energetic but upscale, and on Fridays you’ll be sure to find a few dapper midtowners grabbing a cocktail after work.

What to order: Start with a cocktail - definitely Dem Apples or the Seoul Side. Dem Apples is vodka, amaro nonino, apple cider, cynar, honey, and lemon. Sweet, but not overpoweringly so, and its apple notes will complement the meat. The Seoul-Side is soju, East India solera sherry, lime, and mint. It’s a Korean twist on the south side - a touch sour, and the sherry adds a little sweetness. 

Ordering at Cote is simple: get the Butcher’s Feast. You’ll have to convince everyone at the table to participate, but that shouldn’t be hard, considering it’s a full selection of exquisitely marinated, salted, and in-house dry-aged USDA Prime and American Wagyu beef, cooked and served to perfection. It’s all the best of an American steakhouse and a Korean BBQ. The Butcher’s Feast comes with an array of Korean accompaniments such as fluffy egg soufflé, spicy kimchi stews, and a simple, but noteworthy scallion salad with a gochujang (chili paste) vinaigrette. Each cut is cooked on a smokeless grill at your table and served individually, so you can savor each flavor and texture. The marinade is amazing - it gives the grilled meat a distinct caramelized soy flavor that seamlessly walks the line between sweet and savory.