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Best Burgers in NYC

Au Cheval: Make It A Double
September 25, 2019
By , Founder and Editor-in-chief

Good for: Groups of friends, boys’ night out, birthday dinners, date night, or pretty much any occasion for which you want to eat good meat and eggs – as long as you have a reservation. If you don’t have one, be prepared to wait for over an hour.

Atmosphere: The stage is already set when you have to go down a cobblestone alleyway in Tribeca that looks like it hasn’t changed in a hundred years, like a scene out of Gangs of New York, and you enter the restaurant through a discreet little door to find yourself in the middle of all the action. Always crowded, loud but not overly so, and with tables close to each other but without it feeling like you’re sitting on top of your neighbor, Au Cheval brings the fun, and you just show up with your crew.

Why we like it: It’s a Chicago transplant – which is another city that really knows its meat and potatoes. They describe themselves as “an upscale diner,” but it just feels more like an old-school steakhouse with leather booths and mood lighting. The food is honest goodness – there is no fuss, nothing is infused with ginseng or molecular gastronomy, but they make everything on the menu to an elevated degree of gourmet.

What to order: Their specialty is the cheeseburgers: the brioche bun, the cheese and bacon, and the meat are all of the highest quality – so make it a double. And while you’re at it, add the egg and bacon too. But the dark horse of the menu is the chicken wings, which are some of the best in the city. Among other top recommendations is the Crispy Potato Hash, and the French fries, which are served with a Mornay sauce – so don’t forget to ask for extra.