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Beautique NYC

A Beautique Fit for a Finance King (and Queen)
December 9, 2014

When Beautique opened this past summer in the old Frederick's space, it found itself quite comfortably as the scene of Page Six fodder.  So of course, in choosing our latest event venue, Beautique was at the top of the list.  With over 70 guests from the hedge fund industry for cocktails and canapés, it did not disappoint.  It takes a confidant and cool venue to take you through the kitchen, a la Goodfellas style, to the VIP club in the back.  Alternatively, you can think of it as the informal food inspection for the evening, where bites of tuna tartare and avocado mousse on a quinoa wafer, goat cheese capanata tartlettes and crispy potato, red pepper and chorizo were prepped for our discerning Working Jet Set guests.  Hosts with the most, Shalini Sriram from Scoggin and Alexandra Kaufmann from a very well known activist fund, lead the festivities for the evening while celebrating another great year for Galavante.  Those who stayed on for dinner were treated to quite the scene, where Beautique is clearly the place to be for the Midtown office elite.  Join Galavante as a First Class Member, for events like Beautique, discounted airfare, at your service Travel Concierge, exclusive perks and full-on VIP treatment at over 1700 properties around the world.  Oh and by the way, we have the best recommendations in town, because they’re curated by you, our Working Jet Set community.