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JoJo - An Oldie is a New Goodie
October 10, 2018
By , Founder and Editor-in-chief
Why we like it: We’ve been fans of Jean-Georges since encountering his caviar egg at his eponymous restaurant, back when we had big fat expense accounts at the turn of the millennium. We’re impressed by how his empire has evolved and continued to stay relevant. Case in point, JoJo, which reopened last year after a major updating (hence the relevance factor) on the Upper East Side. Don’t get us wrong – we loved when it was the velvet-brocaded jewelry box that oozed highbrow French. But it’s no longer the early 2000s and the trend in dining these days is more seasonal ingredients that speak for themselves, food you can pronounce, and chicly minimalist, modern décor. Welcome back, JoJo. We like you even more.
What to order: The roasted lobster with French fries is our go-to, with its element of lime in lieu of lemon that adds a unique twist. Double down on the peekytoe crab dumplings with Meyer lemon; we also like the warm seafood salad with calamari and shrimp barely poached to perfection. As for the caviar egg, the menu features an updated version: grated hard-boiled egg whites and yolks instead of barely scrambled eggs, with a signature dollop of caviar gold.