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Marea - Always in Style
November 22, 2017
By , Writer & Editor

Why we like it:  This staple in our restaurant repertoire is appropriate for everyone – from clients, to out-of-towners, to your weekday after-work crew. Marea’s food and wine list are always top notch; while they’re not easy on the wallet, you get a lot for your buck. Food portions are generous, and you always want everything you see on the menu. The restaurant is almost always packed, and while their vibe is lively, they’ve designed the space so that you can easily chat with your dinner companions.

What to order: This is our go-to restaurant during truffle season, where we enjoy their magic mushrooms on risotto or their homemade tagliatelle. But why should you bother choosing when you can have both? Their crudo menu is a standout, but if you’re looking to start your meal on a healthy kick, you can try their fluke, branzino, and lobster (when it’s available) before indulging in their pasta dishes. At a cost of over $100, their four-course menu is a bargain; they allow you flexibility in ordering what you like.