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Noho Gallery NYC

Felted Fields
January 17, 2013
By , NYC Contributor

The place: Noho Gallery

The space: There are few straight lines in this midsize Chelsea gallery. The angular walls affect the audience perspective and force installers and artists to be more creative in presentation. One of the oldest artist-led galleries in the city, Noho likes to spread its résumé across all media and styles, and its members have works in major museums and corporate and private collections worldwide. Exhibitions rotate every four weeks.

The artist: Growing up in the flatlands of northern Indiana, Erma Martin Yost found escape in the Virginia hills at James Madison University, where she earned a degree in painting and ceramics. She came to felt by accident, while substituting teaching an art class at a high school. Yost quickly came to love felt’s tactile qualities, deep colors, and range of subtleties. Today, her work is found in 21 books and several museums on the East Coast. This is her 19th solo show at Noho Gallery.

The show: Yost has taken the world’s most ancient textile – felt – and turned it into 23 works covering the entire gallery. In a manner reminiscent of Edward Gorey or Tim Burton films, Felted Fields fuses the natural and the inner world in fantastical ways.

530 West 25th St., 212-367-7063, nohogallery.net

(Photo courtesy of Noho Gallery)