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Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology

Foot Fetish
April 2, 2013
By , NYC Contributor

The place: Fashion Institute of Technology: The Museum at FIT

The space: The FIT’s all-black theater – a vast expanse filled with spotlights and glass towers – is the perfect showcase for “Shoe Obsession,” a compelling exhibit of fashionable footwear.

The artists: Featuring avant-garde artists like Noritaka Tatehana and designers from major fashion houses, the couture exhibit proves that fashion is not just for wearing. Louboutin, Kirkwood, Vivier, and others create innovative heels with a color-wheel of leather, satin, metal, glass, wood, human hair, and who knows what else.

The exhibit: From mile-high Manolos to feathery Viviers, “Shoe Obsession” is just that – an unadulterated display of obsession. The designs range from tame to almost frightening, including metal-heeled McQueens, spiked leather Louboutins, and flaming, rules-bending Pradas – some the product of dreams, others of fetish fantasies. 

Through April 13, Museum at FIT, Seventh Ave. at 27th St., fitnyc.edu

(Photos courtesy of Fashion Institute of Technology: The Museum at FIT)