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The New SHA Mexico

A place with no booze, workouts at 7 AM, and a mostly vegan diet of around 1200 calories a day sounds like torture for most. In fact, when they’re power-hosing you down and freezing you to 11 degrees centigrade, it kind of can be. For you over-achieving Type As, it’s a week at one of the top wellness centers in the world. The OG SHA Wellness, where CEOs and be-my-best-self types around the world have made their pilgrimage is Albir in the south of Spain. But now there’s a new SHA Mexico outpost, and turns out two SHAs are better than one.

One Size Does Not Fit All

SHA Wellness isn’t a one-note program where it’s group hikes or superficial spa treatments. Instead, this is a customized program run by doctors and scientists. Whether you need to gain weight, lose weight, tweak your plan, or completely start over, they’ve got a path to wellness for you. And like you expect, you will get results that carry over long after you’ve re-assimilated into society outside of the SHA confines. We won’t go as far as to say that it’s like a cult, but you probably will put it on your annual rotation. Now with SHA Mexico, you may put it on your annual rotation twice.

A Preview at the New SHA Mexico

The new SHA Mexico opens this year (fingers crossed) on the Costa Mujeres. As they’ve served up wellness for the past 15 years in Spain, the repeat clientele speaks for itself. With an integrative medicine approach, they customize both the natural therapies with the medical.

The original SHA in Spain is more than adequate, but the 15 years are showing a tad on the facilities. Most guests at SHA are used to the top luxury accommodations in the world, and until they update the Spain location, we objectively give it a B-. However, the SHA Mexico location is the blueprint for what’s to come for SHA as a group. SHA Mexico will easily be the most luxe wellness center in the world when it opens.




The SHA Mexico Program

The common thread for the typical guest is the Type A personality to get things done. From there though, no two programs are exactly alike, even though you do start with a base program. Whether you’re looking to rebalance yourself or do a complete overhaul, the week, or months that some spend at SHA transform.

The change continues beyond your last day on the program. However, anyone who is into health knows that wellness is a lifetime, not just one week out of the year. It’s the mindset that SHA gives you from the first visit that plants the seeds. You would think that subsequent visits would be monotonous. Actually though repeat devotees of SHA get something different and deeper with each stay.

Book with Us

Book with us at [email protected] for both the OG SHA Spain, and the new SHA Mexico. The reservations for the latter are opening soon, but we’ll get you on the radar.


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