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4 Unique Online Workouts


It’s never cliché to start the year with intentions to focus on health, because health is always relevant.  As our public service we have online workouts, until we’re back in person classes at the gym, to switch up your routine. So bring on the hip hop yoga and start out the year right and have fun again.

Y-7 Hip hop yoga

Maybe you were part of the cult pre- pandemic, so you remember the candle lit hot rooms. They were always filled with NYC’s coolest celebs and influencers who came to downward dog to Chance the Rapper for 75 minutes. Or maybe you’re new to yoga, now that the pandemic has forced you to be sedentary. Regardless, even as you’re confined to your apartment, you should check out the most hyped yoga studio in NYC, LA, and Chicago.

A different yoga

For the pandemic, Y-7 one of the studios that’s part of the online workouts. Y-7 isn’t like normal yoga. There is no chanting or Om-ing. Instead, there are fun high intensity vinyasa flows set to the latest hip hop music.  The classes keep you amped and in the zone. Also unlike some of the other more intimidating studios flows are taught in easy to learn formulas. And nobody cares if you can’t hold your seated chair pose for the full count. Classes are decidedly unpretentious. Teachers welcome you to take a break and relax into a child’s pose when your muscles turn to jelly. It’s addicting and the best part is it doesn’t matter if you’re a newby.

Y-7 yoga isn’t about mastering an utkatasana.  Rather, it’s about improving your life in a fun and stress free way. A Y-7 membership grants members access to weekly live classes taught by beloved Y-7 teachers. There are also select pre-recorded classes with custom playlists. After your morning nespresso or after an afternoon spent in your office chair, Y-7 a Y-7 class will kick your butt. Of course,  in all the right ways to beat of your favorite artists. Whether as part of online workouts or in-person, Y-7 is a good time.

Zombies, Run! App

Some people can go for a jog and truly enjoy it. Most of us, however, would rather not put ourselves through that. It’s not that jogging can’t be enjoyable – it’s definitely good for you. It’s just that running a steady state alone can go from being boring to downright painful. With Zombies, Run!, that all changes for online workouts. Zombies, Run! is an App and game that challenges you. The goal is to be one of the last remaining humans in the all too close to home zombie epidemic. To do this, you gather supplies as you make your way to humanity’s last remaining outposts.

With this app, you no longer will endure monotonous slow and steady jogs. When you listen along to their stories, this game will push your pace. They’ll push you to run faster to beat the zombies that start chasing you on your journey to collect your supplies. We know, it sounds crazy, but crazy enough to work. We’re warning you, you may become a runner.


We know, online workouts are great and all.  But sometimes in the depths of your pandemic depression days, the camera-off zoom classes, or pre recorded video format, is not enough to kick your butt into gear. That’s where Future comes in. Future connects you to a real personal trainer. Their trainers keep you on paces one on one, with high intensity body weight workouts from your living room. When you really don’t feel like slipping into your spandex, your trainer will be there to keep you working on your new year’s resolutions.

Personal trainers are always great sources of encouragement. They provide you with tailored training to your needs and goals. They also won’t make you feel alone while you’re working out from home. Don’t like squats? No problem. Your trainer can give you lunge variations instead. The one on one personalized training is perfect for picky exercisers.  It’s also helpful for those with injuries that normal classes would otherwise irritate. The difference between Future and other apps is that you will develop a personal relationship.  This will carry through to your daily life. It’s building a personal connection that can be the push you need to get moving.

Peloton App

We’re sure you know the uber expensive bikes that end up doubling as coat racks. Peloton bikes are notorious for their allure, and some people love them, but now you don’t need to invest in all the equipment (or put in the months long wait to purchase) to get your sweat on. The Peloton app which is partnered with their bicycles and treadmills not only teaches you to run or cycle, but is also one of the most comprehensive at home fitness platforms there is.

With thousands of classes in strength training, yoga, stretching and even meditation, you’re bound to fall in love with working out in some form. You follow along with incredibly toned instructors who are as much eye-candy as they are exercise professionals. Live classes allow you to connect with (and fawn over) your favorite teachers and fellow fitness fanatics alike.

There’s a large library of classes gives you an entire backlog of past sweat sessions to choose from. Whether you have 15 minutes, or over an hour, we’re sure you’ll find something fun that will get your heart racing. And you’ll be rewarded for your efforts. The app tracks your progress and workout metrics. It’s always good to know when you have successfully achieved your goals.

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