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Best Moscow Mule Recipe

Celebrating the Art of the Moscow Mule
By , Associate Editor
March 3, 2019

We now know that there’s a celebration day for everything – even a day to cherish the renowned cocktail, the Moscow Mule. This year, this day falls on March 3rd.

Allegedly, the truthful birthplace of the mule is “Little Moscow,” in New York’s Chatham Hotel in Manhattan. The cocktail was born when the first carload of Jack Morgan’s Cock ‘n’ Bull ginger beer was brought across the country in 1941, resulting in the combination of vodka with spicy ginger beer, lime juice, and a pinch of garnish. And there you have it, the Moscow Mule, everyone’s favorite ginger cocktail, and proud member of the International Bartender’s Association cocktail list. And although the narrative of the creation of the cocktail has been debated over the years, the recipe generally remains standard – as does the signature copper mug in which the mule is served.

Naturally, various twists have been added over the years, experiments with ingredients, rum, basil, ginger snap, pineapple – you name it. Our favorite Moscow Mule “with a twist” is the way it’s served at the Intersect by Lexus. They call theirs the Rosemary Buck (“bucks” are cocktails with ginger or citrus bases).

Intersect by Luxus' "Rosemary Buck"


2 oz. Rum
½ oz. Cynar
6 oz. Ginger Beer


1. Put 4 or 5 large cubes of ice to your glass (this one doesn’t actually require a copper mug).

2. Add the rum and cynar. Then add the ginger beer last, and do not shake the cocktail.

3. Garnish the cocktail with rosemary and spice.

4. Serve with a stirring rod.