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Studio at the Freehand
February 20, 2019
By , Founder

Good for:  Drinks and small bites, very casual dinner with friends, last minute reservations and random drop bys, from morning to noon and night. 

Atmosphere:  Lively and fun; there’s something about the Freehand that makes you feel like you stepped into Havana, meets Africa, meets an umber chic flea market space. The Studio is a Roman + Williams designed space, and we think it may be some of their best work yet.   

Why we like it:  If you took away the cool people, great vibe, beautiful interior design and friendly staff, we would still come here for the excellent food.  It’s another home run for Gabe Shulman and team, since Studio at the Freehand has made our go-to list for business breakfasts with hip clients, after work drinks, and nights where we want a scene but don’t want the attitude. 

What to order:  That depends on when you’re dining, but whether it’s avocado toast with black tahini at breakfast, the lamb burger for lunch or dining mezes style on the North African inspired cuisine, it’s going to be Tasty, with a capital T.