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Private Plane Around the World

Around the World by Private Jet
March 22, 2017
By , Founder

Let’s face it.  You’re no ordinary character.  Your drive for accomplishment is insatiable.  It probably started in childhood, when you were the first to get through your annual reading list, before school even started in September.  Growing up, you were fascinated by other cultures, and multiple foreign languages rolled off the tip of your tongue.  You’ve always had a desire to accomplish the most, to see the most and experience all that this world has to offer.  Well, we’ve got the perfect 21 day adventure for you, to check off more of the 196 countries on your list.  Let us introduce you to the World Tour with Safrans du Monde. 

Good for:  Couples, singles, (including solo travelers) groups of friends and families with older children who can keep up with the rigorous pace. 

Suggested stay:  Around the World in 21 Days

Time of year:  We went on our journey in November and returned home in early December. Three weeks seems like a lot, but believe it or not, the world continued to spin on its access without us in the office.  Take the time.  You deserve it.  Safrans du Monde has journeys planned from this November 2017 until 2018, with locales as exotic as Addis Ababa, Angkor Wat and Tel Aviv.   

The Highlights:

·      The plane.   Did we mention there are two bars on board?  Yes, count them, two.  These are no ordinary bars either; the Premier Class bar is a proper lounge, where there is plenty of room for the 30 guests who get to breathe the rarified air at the front of the plane.  In between flights when we weren’t snoozing in our lay-flat seats or gorging ourselves on foie gras, we took full advantage and sprawled out on the couches and conducted some serious tete a tetes with our travel companions on the meaning of life.  If you’re traveling in L’Espace Safrans, the bar is often the scene of sing-alongs and boisterous conversation where I am certain they outdrank the Premier Classe passengers 3 to 1. 

·      You’re flying private.  Flying private has many of its privileges, where when we told the man in charge we were aviation buffs, we found ourselves flying with the three pilots in the cockpit for takeoff.  When we arrived in Vietnam, our VIP group was whisked through the airport to our coaches without the formalities of customs, which  were taken care of behind the scenes.  So whatever your hopes and dreams are, get ready for a lifetime experience. 

·      The service. The team that takes care of you has their service game locked down.  From the private jet crew who makes flying both a five star experience and fun on board, to the on-board chef who whips up lobster thermidor in the sky, to the Safrans team that is on-hand 24/7 to solve all your champagne problems, they got you covered.  Things happen in travel, but it’s nice when someone else has to deal with the details. 

·      It’s all taken care of, if you want it to be.  From the time you board the plane in Paris, until you disembark 21 days later, every transfer, tour, meal, hotel and detail is taken care of.  You can just show up, and you have yourself a tailor-made vacation.  For those who want to go off grid, no problem. You can helicopter or private plane away from the  group, do your own tour or chose your own adventure.  Just make sure you’re back to meet the big jet when it’s time to move to the next country. 

·      All you can eat and drink, in a classy way.  Every meal and all beverages are taken care of, so there’s no splitting the bill or whipping out your wallet. As an added bonus, Safrans du Monde is a French company, and they understand the importance of good champagne.  We swore that we were going to drink them out of stock at each takeoff, but they came well-prepared with the best bubbly and wine throughout the trip. 

·      Your travel companions. It is an exceptional group of people who have achieved, saved and generally crushed it in life to be able to take a trip like this around the world.  In other words, you are in good, and almost always, interesting and engaging company. 

·      The destinations.  In all the excitement about the Safrans experience, we can’t forget that a trip means 10 new countries, cultures and an experience that expands your purview of this beautiful world. 


Let’s break it down for you.  Safrans du Monde charters a private jet around the world, where you can choose from Safrans Classe (Premium Economy), Le Club Safrans (Business Class) and Premier Class, no translation needed.  Pricing ranges from around 21,000 Euro to 48,000 Euro per person, and is all-inclusive.  Think wine with lunch everyday, all food, transportation, visas, hotels, tours and the other many surprises that the Safrans team comes up with along the way.  And do we need to remind you you’re flying private around the world?  It makes that price seem all the more reasonable.  Think of it as a private plane experience for the (well-heeled) people.  Or maybe even the deal of the centry.  After all, that Bombardier Global 6000 can set you back $60 mil, or to charter it around the world, at least $1 mil for the same voyage as Safrans.  Also, compared to the other private plane around the world journeys, Safrans du Monde clocks in about 50% less.  Not bad, for a lifetime experience of around the world in 21 days. 

More details on the 2017 Safrans du Monde Around the World Tour here.  

The Safrans du Monde 2017 List

Las Vegas
Addis Ababa
Siem Riep
Sri Lanka
Tel Aviv