• Monday, September 28, 2020

Brussels Sprouts with Grapes, Pistachios from Bronte, Tete de Moines and Mint Inspired by L’Artusi in NYC
November 22, 2016

2 pounds Brussels sprouts, halved and stems trimmed
30 firm red grapes, cut in half
½ cup toasted pistachios from Bronte
½ pound Tete de Moines cheese
7 sprigs of mint
Santamaria olive oil
Fleur du Sel



The quality of your ingredients will dictate the success of this recipe, especially the olive oil.  We like the robust tanginess of Olivar Santamaria which leaves a clean yet lingering finish on your palate and brings out the flavor in the grapes, pistachios and Brussels sprouts.  In a large sauté pan, heat 5 tablespoons of Santamaria olive oil over medium heat.  Turn up burners to medium high, and add the Brussels sprouts.  Add Fleur du Sel to taste.  Allow to cook and slightly brown for 4 minutes, then cover with a lid for about 3 minutes.  Brussels sprouts should be firm and bright green still, but cooked through.  Remove from heat. 

Chiffonade the mint and mix in with the cooked Brussels sprouts.  Gently mix in the halved grapes.  Transfer to a serving dish.  With a girolle, which is a Swiss cheese curler, make rosettes of the Tete de Moines and arrange on top of the Brussels sprouts and serve immediately.