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Holiday Charities

A Galavante Thanksgiving - Tis the Seasons for Giving
November 26, 2014
By , Founder and Editor-in-chief

Let’s face it. You’ve got it pretty good. While there are varying degrees of comfort within the one percent, chances are you have more than just a roof over your head. There’s food on your table (at times caviar – even if it is domestic). And if we’ve done our job right, we’ve inspired you to take a trip or two this year. Sure, there are the everyday challenges, but it’s all relative, and we hope the future is even sweeter for you when the good times roll.

The Annual Thanksgiving Issue has become one of my favorites, because it marks an anniversary for Galavante – we launched in October 2010 and were really getting up and running in November. The privilege of writing to you this Thanksgiving means that the Galavante adventure continues. Our business transformed this year from an online magazine to a full-service travel platform, offering everything from guides to events to a full-service personal travel concierge to online booking to a new cookbook we’re launching just in time for the holidays. But the most important aspect of this growth comes back to you. We started Galavante in order to create a high-end Reviews & Forums community, where travelers like you could get the very best recommendations. It took four years, but we’re ready to get this party started. 

I’ve always said life is more than just 1000-thread-count sheets. While we love galavanting around the world, there’s no place like home for the holidays with the people you love most. And we’re hoping to spread that love even further this year, as we highlight our favorite charities, both near and far, in our Thanksgiving issue. On behalf of our entire Galavante Team, thank you for inspiring us. We wish you all the best this holiday season. 

Christine Drinan, Founder & The Galavante Team

A Few of our Notable Philanthropies and Social Enterprises

The Organization:  Success Academies 
Base: New York City

The Organization:  Beyond Capital
Base:  International


The Organization:  Christopher Foundation for the Arts
Base:  NYC & International

The Organization:  Eve Branson Foundation
Base:  Morocco


The Organization:  The Massai Wilderness Conservation Trust
Base:  Kenya