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A Luxury Home to Rent in Newport

Julia Paino, Contributor

Villa Candice

You’ve been to Napa. LA is a second home. You rented Gwyneth’s Airbnb in Montecito. But believe it or not, there’s more to the State of California. And when you’re rolling deep you’re your entourage, there’s a baller house in Newport that you need in your life. With 14,000 square feet of ocean views and a 78-foot pool, there’s a whole lot of diversions to get yourself into. Here’s a look at how the other half, and you can live. This is one of the top luxury homes to rent in Newport.

The Dets

Sometimes you want to pack everyone into the truckster and get on the road. You don’t want to make a lot of fuss with passports, or deal with hotel rooms and logistics. In fact, you don’t want to do a lot at all, except hang by the pool and have fun late night talks in the kitchen. After all, you really like who you’re traveling with, and the point is to get some good quality time in together. It’s occasions like this when a baller villa may just do the trick. Set within a private gated community in the OC, Villa Candice will give you new home goals. To say it’s one of the best luxury homes to rent in Newport is selling it way short.

The moment you walk into Villa Candice, you get that, “I’m in a baller house” feeling. You know the one; like when you stay at your friend’s $100 million compound in Aspen. Or you get the coveted invite to that Facebook Founder’s pad in Mexico. However, if you haven’t had either one of those experiences, this is your chance.

First are the views, where it’s Pacific Ocean for days from every room in the house. The center of the party is the 78 foot infinity pool, along with a big kitchen where your staff will be cooking up a storm for you all day and night. It’s also where you’re certain to have quality time with your entourage. No matter what you’ve achieved, and what you’ve experienced, there’s nothing like being with the people you love. You never seem to run out of things to talk about, and there’s never enough time. Well, Villa Candice gives you the excuse to make that time.

There are six bedrooms, eight and a half bathrooms, a private theater, gym, game room and plenty of hang space. Then because it’s California, there’s a garage with four Tesla charging stations. You may or may not even leave the house quite honestly, because there’s no need to. They’ll bring everything you need in, and there’s already a staff at the ready who look after the house full-time. But if you do, there’s plenty in Newport to keep you busy along with top golf courses in the area. So for your next Thanksgiving, holiday vacation, spring break or for no occasion at all, this is one of the luxury homes to rent in Newport that you need to know.

P.S. This house is so baller, the pictures don’t even do it justice. Message us at [email protected] and we’ll hook you up. This isn’t only one of the best luxury homes to rent in Newport, but it’s one of the top places to stay in the U.S.

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