Adele in Vegas, Baby

Adele in Vegas, Baby

You have to respect an artist who calls off her entire show because it’s not the perfection she knows you’re worthy of. But after a year of anticipation, Adele performs at Caesars Palace starting this November through March 2023. Like all things Adele, her Vegas residency is worth the wait — especially if you score front-row seats.

The Overview

You’ve probably seen Adele before, but not quite like this. The Colosseum at Caesars Palace is the stage for Adele’s welcomed Las Vegas residency. On Friday and Saturday nights from November 18 to December 24 and January 20 to March 25, she joins the tradition of two decades of performers who have had residencies at the iconic venue. This is the place you’ll want to see Adele live.

But you don’t just want to see Adele live, you want to see her live and as a VIP — in front, in comfort, and in style. And we have just the way to do it. The Excursionist, an operator who designs customized, elevated experiences, gives you full-on Adele immersion with premium, front-row or orchestra-seat options. It’s Vegas, baby! Plus, there’s add-on private Vegas excursions and activities to fill out the rest of your weekend. Adele may be the star, but you’ll be the one rolling in the deep — especially when you head to an Aman resort on your own private jet after the show.

The Details

Not only will you with spending quality time listening to your girl Adele live, you’ll also get the opportunity to do Vegas right. With the Excursionist, you have a choice of two stays at the Wynn Las Vegas: The Tower Suite Salon or the Encore Tower Suite Salon. Wynn Vegas is known for its exclusivity. So this, combined with a top-tier to-do list in Sin City, gives you the complete package. Some things to hit on that list are VIP clubbing with a nightlife host, and Valley of Fire helicopter flight with yoga experience.

The Excursion

So, you had a weekend with Adele and saw the best Vegas has to offer, what’s next? Well, a little detox may be in order. After the seemingly unrivaled Adele residency, The Excursionist will whisk you away on a private jet to the Amangiri Resort in Utah. Far from the Vegas lights, you can enjoy soothing spa treatments. Steam rooms, flotation therapy, plunge pools, and unending views are on your itinerary. There are tours available of Bryce Canyon by car, and the Grand Canyon’s South Rim via helicopter. Situated in the heart of the desert, the Amangiri Resort is just the escape Adele would order after one of her own weekend performances.

For more information or to book your experience, contact us at [email protected]

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