• Sunday, June 25, 2017

Judy Friedman-Gluckman

Favorite Destination

London and Maui (with kids); Prague and Big Sur (sans kids)

Most Exotic Destination Traveled


Travel Philosophy

Getting there is half the fun. Well, maybe more like a third of the fun, but once I make the decision to take a trip, I want it to begin as soon as possible (preferably, the moment I reserve the hotel). Once I arrive, I find a marketplace and chat up the locals to solicit ideas for unique experiences.

Judy grew up traveling regularly with her parents and brother and is thrilled to have passed the travel gene on to her son and daughter. She lives in Beverly Hills with her three favorite travel companions – Fred, J.J., and Leia. She believes that any destination can be made “family-friendly” and is always looking for ways to excite and engage her family in cultural and philanthropic activities.

When she isn’t planning her next family adventure, experimenting with exotic cuisine, serving on boards of philanthropic organizations, or driving various carpools, Judy works as an attorney at a private equity firm.