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June 22, 2017

The Hamptons - There's No Place Like Haus

There’s something about the Hamptons, where a weekend trip feels equivalent to a week’s worth of rest.  You can travel all over the world, argue the fabulousness of Europe in the summer (Mykonos – we love you) and like P Diddy or whatever he’s calling himself nowadays, proclaim the Hamptons is over.  But in reality, there’s no place like home.  Or... more>>
  • What to Pack

    Jun. 14, 2017
    by Christine Drinan
    For the father, husband or baby daddy who seems to have everything, we’ve found something that will officially elevate anyone’s game:  the Bentayga Fly Fishing by Mulliner kit.  Yes folks, only
Sep. 3, 2014
We should all be as pretty and perky as kale, with its long stems and firm flesh. And what a showoff, really, with its label as the world’s...
Jun. 4, 2014
by Hannah Serena Goldstein
The cake has been cut. The bouquet has been caught. The bling is on your finger. You’ve officially pulled off a wedding. And... exhale. Ok, now…...
May. 27, 2014
by Hannah Serena Goldstein
A handbag is the window to the soul. Sartorially speaking, at least. The bag you select says as much about you as what you put inside it. But not all...