• Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Welcome to Galavante

Welcome to Galavante

Welcome to Galavante, the website for the Working Jet Set, where we provide the insider travel info you need to plan your business and leisure trips.

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  • The Interview

    Christina Milian is a jet-setting triple threat: singer, actress and TV host. When she’s not traveling for work, shooting music videos and... more>>
  • FOOD

    The beauty of cooking is the ability to take a classic, like the quintessential French Salade Lyonnaise, and amp up the taste buds with an...>>
  • Best of the Best

    Grand Piano Suite A woman whose mere initials (DVF) are synonymous with resurrecting a fashion nonessential and turning it into a stylish...>>

    Almost on cue after Labor Day, New York evenings turn crisp and the fashion elite converges on Lincoln Center for Fashion Week, reminding us...>>
  • Families

    With every ending, there's a new beginning, and this October marks the start of fall festivities.  As the air turns crisp, the scenery bursts... more>>
  • Road Trip

    Where: Buttermilk Falls Inn, Milton, NY Distance from Manhattan: 1.5 hours Good for: A bucolic few...>>
  • The Special

    There is no better combination than mixing food and art, and our art expert and Paris aficionado...>>


Travels of the Rich and Famous
The Georges V - Where Classic is Always en Vogue

The Hotel:  Four Seasons Hotel Georges V

Who:  Virtually every A-List celeb

There is no better combination than mixing food and art, and our art expert and Paris aficionado...
Forget the Irish wool sweater, the handmade lace or that kitschy T-shirt from the Guinness brewery...
We ate.  We drank.  We were merry.   And clearly, the Viceroy Anguilla knows how to throw a party...

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Our Interview with the Cocktail Architect

I am especially nostalgic during October, as this month marks our birthday at Galavante.  And this 2014 is officially our fourth anniversary since we started our company.  It is with humble gratitude that I have the privilege of thanking our incredibly talented team, many of who have been with us for two years and more, with special recognition to AnneLise Sorensen, who has... more >>